Monday, November 19, 2007

WPF For The Holidays

Well it's almost Thanksgiving... and as I sit and think about what I was doing over the last holiday break it hits me. I was working on building a Drill Team Competition Judging Application in Windows Presentation Foundation... This time one year ago it was in beta, and I can honestly say that the technology and my knowledge on it has come a long way. I've since finished the application above which now needs to be re factored into MVP. However, I've turned my attention to a new application also for Drill Teams... but more of a Team Management software package than anything else. So for the last few weeks I've had a craving to work on WPF again... much like the craving I get for turkey during the turkey holiday. ; ) So I went poking around Google last night in search of new WPF videos or training to purchase and found some free videos that has already began to change the way I think about all the cool features in WPF. For those of you looking to learn about things like Data binding, Styles, Templates, Documents, 3D, Media, etc. Then you need to do what I'm planning on doing this holiday when I'm sitting around pretending to visit with my family. WPF BootCamp, it's a series of videos that start from the basics and works it's way up to advanced topics. And what's even better is the presenters... folks like Bea Costa (Data binding Genius), Kevin Moore, Dr. Sneath, Celso Gomes(Blend God) and more. Each video is a good length about 45min minimum so the talks are very good an in depth. I haven't seen them all but I certainly will watch each one at least 5 times each to make sure I get the material. ;)

-Enjoy the Boot Camp-

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Code Camp pushed back

It kinda sucks, but the code camp got pushed back and to January and I'm honestly really bummed about it. However I am going to be doing a few things in the mean time to fill the void.

1) Nerd Dinner
2) "Free" in person MSDN event
3) And possibly buy a few of the new tutorials at innerworkings.