Monday, March 16, 2009

Functional Programming Is In Me!

The next book I'm going to buy will be Don Syme's Expert F#.
This guy is like the Anders Hejlsberg of C#. He even brought generics to C#, and since he created F# in MSR (Microsoft Research in Cambridge) I figured he's the best person to learn from.

This past weekend was supposed to be the weekend to brush up on the latest version of the Micro Framework (3.0) so that I can finally start building the medical device/application for monitoring my heart levels, and Download the latest CTP of F# and start writing some basic applications with it. Unfortunately, the wife wanted to go to IKEA and buy some hard wood flooring for her office/ballet studio. Since we consider ourselves to be fairly savy IKEA DIY people... we decided to give it a try. Man did I under estimate that project... not only did it take all weekend, but I had to buy new power tools at the local Home Depot. It took all day and night on Saturday plus Sunday morning to complete the room. I'm never doing that again. However, the floor turned out great and the wife is happy to dance on hardwood instead of carpet. :-)

Unfortunately, it wasn't until 2am on Sunday before I was able to get to the Micro Framework updates. Still the same though, some API changes but mostly the same. I just need to find a wearable device that I can port the framework too. At the moment I'm simulating as much as I can through the emulator... so far that's been a good experience and it's very similar to the compact framework stuff. As for F#.... well... after I saw this video I had to immediately download the bits and start playing around. I have to say... that I'm digging F#. It's worth playing with it just for the interactive window in VS2008 alone. To be able to write code, highlight it, and run it with out building or compiling is cool!

I need to run down to B&N after I get off work and pick up the book for more in depth fun. :-)

-Develop with Passion