Monday, January 19, 2009

What's up with this economy?

The economic issues have certainly had an effect on me. I've been dev'n like there's no tomorrow. I've done many projects both small and large lately(Silverlight2 & WPF) that have had a tremendous impact on my career and family. In keeping with the last post I'm still very much in full swing to getting my business off the ground. I've changed the name which reflects more of what services I offer and less on products that I've built (classic rookie mistake), and I've used quite a bit of earnings to put back in to the business ( productivity tools, frameworks, and new hardware).

Currently, I've scaled way back on projects due to a new gig I recently received last year.
It's a great company so far... I've been loaded with a new Dell Precision m6400 quad core/8 gigs of ram notebook. I've been brought on to lead them in to the next generation of end 2 end construction project estimation software. I'll be leading yet another port/re-write of a 2.0 Winform in to a 3.5 WPF application . This one is already turning into a whopper of project. The design is out of wac in a lot places, there's a massive amount of coupling due to the developer building the app as if it's one big API. It sort of resembles the old View/Mediator pattern which is so opposite to the way things are designed now. Sigh...

On the flip side of that I'm building a online training module for a friend of the family.
She's on a board of directors for a high school in eastern Washington, so the module needs to appeal to teens. Of course it's going to be in Silverlight2. :-)

Hopefully that will lead to funding which will allow me to market it to other schools (hopefully).
First things first though... I gotta get a killer UI for it. That will come from a kick ass design studio I found(and worked a silverlight gig for) in Seattle. They will build the UI and I will make it come to life. :-)

Until next time (not two months from now)
-Develop with passion