Thursday, June 5, 2008

Revisiting The Castle Project (Specifically... Active Record)

A few years ago at my last job an x/co-worker (now friend of mine) introduced me to the castle project. I remember taking a look at it and feeling really stupid because I didn't understand it or it's pieces. Well... fast forward a few years and several development projects later. I came across it again on InfoQ. I'm happy to report that it was better understood this time around... I even found myself guessing(correctly) how a feature would be implemented as the presenter was explaining it. :-)

I really like Active Record because it's built on top of NHibernate a port of the java's Hibernate Core. NHibernate even has it's own query syntax known as HQL which is expressed like the sample below.

Since Active Record is built on top of NHibernate it does a really good job of abstracting away the complexity of NHibernate... leaving you with less to worry about and more power to leverage.
Needless to say I'll be spending a few hours this weekend playing around with Active Record now that I actually understand it. :-)

Develop with Passion
-Jean Paul S. Boodhoo

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Solving Application/System Wide Issues With Sysinternal Tools

Last night I came across the following link which led me to a great video on how troubleshooting
MS Windows problems as well as application problems can become much easier. :-)
Mark Russinovich(The presenter in the picture above) is a god when it comes to solving deep Windows issues. If you've ever wanted to go deeper in to the OS and figure out what really goes on during system crashes, hangs, and blue screens... check out the video above.