Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Keeping code DRY by using your .NET Umbrella


Some days the day job is like getting caught in a Seattle rain/thunderstorm without an umbrella. We've all found ourselves writting plumbing code just to get data flowing in the right direction... just so that we can get the product working so that we can move on to the next product/project. Recently I came across the open source project above (which is now on codeplex) and have discovered some really cool additional API's that can be used with the .NET Framework. :-) Some of their API's actually help prevent developers like myself from having to write plumbing code. Everyone always says to keep your code DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). By using free open source API's like this one... we can give new meaning to the term DRY by leveraging the Umbrella project. :-)

-Develop With Passion
Jean Paul S. Boodhoo

Monday, May 26, 2008

More on My 08 Pilot!!

The House That .NET Built (Complete!!)

This completes the series of posts on the new house.
It has been a unique and rewarding experience building my first home... I'd definitely recommend this approach to anyone who's interested in building a home.

Now that it's complete, the real fun can start. Well... sort of.... the lawn is my first attempt a mowing with a push mower, all apart of going green where ever I can. :-)
And in case your wondering... yes... that is my new 2008 Honda Pilot. As I look back on my experiences I realize that I've come along way from that small town outside of Houston,TX.

My passion and devotion to software and .NET has really paid off... which is why I'll continue to push myself to develop faster, higher level, compact code. :-)

-Develop with Passion
Jean Paul S. Boodhoo