Monday, May 26, 2008

The House That .NET Built (Complete!!)

This completes the series of posts on the new house.
It has been a unique and rewarding experience building my first home... I'd definitely recommend this approach to anyone who's interested in building a home.

Now that it's complete, the real fun can start. Well... sort of.... the lawn is my first attempt a mowing with a push mower, all apart of going green where ever I can. :-)
And in case your wondering... yes... that is my new 2008 Honda Pilot. As I look back on my experiences I realize that I've come along way from that small town outside of Houston,TX.

My passion and devotion to software and .NET has really paid off... which is why I'll continue to push myself to develop faster, higher level, compact code. :-)

-Develop with Passion
Jean Paul S. Boodhoo

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  1. Your passion as a husband and father to give your family what you wished you had growing up,is also what drives you to be the best man and software developer you can be!!!