Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Say so long to HTML,CSS, and Javascript

So lately, I've been really busy with the new gig, the two side projects, and of course the family.
The new gig is getting better, I've been writing lots of LINQ with respect to xml, and sql. Also, they want to leverage my xaml skills with respect to silverlight. Luckily, I've been working with WPF for the last 3 years and silverlight for the last 6 months. Their will be quite a few new modules that will be added to the suite of online products, but with the help of a new found framework that's built on top of ASP.NET... it should make development a little smoother and quicker. Recently I was searching around codeplex for a lightweight, secure, modular, dnn like portal which allowed me to plug in my own feature set relatively quickly. I need something like this for one of the side projects as well as the day job. After some searching around I found several really cool frameworks that met the above requirements, but they all required knowledge of HTML,CSS, Javascript, etc. Now don't get me wrong... I like working with these technologies, it's just sometimes the debugging experience can be a nightmare. So I found VisualWebGUI... this product gives you a winform like development experience but in the end it's a ASP.NET web application. Imagine a stateful web experience, no data exposed to the client, and everything runs on the server with an AJAX engine underneath to handle client to server communication. This is way to cool not to look at... the best part about it is it's recent support for silverlight as a view engine. With major players like(NetworkD and SAP)already having their own case studies it's sure to get swallowed up by Microsoft very soon. So get this free open sourced framework while it's not a bazillion dollars and discover for yourself what web application development could be like with out client side scripting. ;-)

Develop with Passion
-Jean Paul S. Boodhoo

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