Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gearing up for Mix09

It's official!!! I'm heading to Mix09 in Las Vegas next month. Luckily, I was invited by a blue badger. Since this is my first Microsoft Conference ever (outside the road shows and free msdn events) I'm definitely going to live it up. Get swag, get some questions answered and come back to Seattle with some new tricks and better approaches. Since I've been heavily involved with Silverlight2 and WPF I've been getting the old designer/animator bug in me again. :-)
It's nice to break out my old 3D stuff and Flash stuff and refresh the skills enough to reuse them in a .net application. I honestly never thought I'd type that, but it's true. The latest application that I'm working on is for a High School in Eastern Washington(as I mentioned in a previous post). The app is entirely silverlight2 and c# and is heavy on the animation side. I wanted to build an IPhone like experience for the application. Since it needs to appeal to teenagers, I figure eye candy like that had to be done. So far it's working out(for the most part). I'm constantly second guessing myself on the transitions from one screen to the next. I want full control over this, so that I can ease in and out anyway I want. Thus far I've been using Nikhil code base as a guide, but I still think there should be a better way. So hopefully I'll learn something about that at mix.
Also... the backend story of the application is not traditional by any means. I'll speak more on this in a later post, but the concept of object databases (at least in my mind)has taken on a whole new meaning.

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