Tuesday, March 27, 2007

C# Math Creativity

Alright, after checking out Karsten's blog I was immediately inspired... so I ran out to B&N and got the book Flash Math Creativity. Since I have an extensive background in flash I thought I would check it out... turns out it covers quite a bit which really helps me in the C# world. One of the modules I am working on right now for DirectorsMate is a Formation Helper module which allows a director or coach to specify how many team members they have and pick a basic formation shape... for instance if I have 24 members on my team and I want a Circle formation all I have to do is specify 24 and click the circle button. Behind the scenes I loop 24 times, and each time i create an ellipse shape and position it in a specified location using standard math that I picked up in the book. If you're ever doing Formulas or Math Calculations in C#... you need to take a look at Flash Math Creativity... it maps to C# seamlessly.

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