Thursday, September 13, 2007

"The Meeting"

Today I reached a milestone in my life where I heard everything I had been working so hard to hear. "Cameron... we need you to be apart of our team and we're prepared to make you happy to do so." Today I got promoted to develop on the C++ team, thanks to all the hard work and research I did on C++/CLI integration with native C++ I was able to bridge the gap between native and managed code and leverage both in a .NET web application. Anyway they want me to do more of this, especially since I was able to completely erase 6 months of COM work in just a few short weeks of C++/CLI... This promotion is leading to a lot of great opportunities and experience in the financial industry and with the C++ language. Knowing that I'm only 27 and earning 95k annually is a great feeling... I thank god and my family (Wife... Rachel & Daughter... Katheryn)for supporting me through all the extra time I put in on the weekends and the late nights so that I can learn. Learning is the best thing anyone can do in anything that they do, and I will never stop learning. ; )

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  1. Dude! You're my new idol. Time for some Ladro...