Saturday, September 15, 2007

"Make It Right" Software

For those of you that know I'm buying my first home soon(Prescott) also know that I'm going to be there during the build to make sure all the necessary additions are made the way they are supposed to be. For the past several months I've been watching Discovery Homes new show... Holmes on Homes Mike Holmes is my definition of a world leader in pure and honest craftsmanship. His approach to building/renovating homes is second to none... he has a clear vision to all projects and fully supports learning and implementing new concepts to make outstanding finished products. I like his approach so much I've decided to use that same approach to building software... when Mike has a problem with implementing the right kind of solution such as removing asbestos... he calls in the pro's and makes sure it gets done right. This same principle can be applied to software development... whether it's security, exception handling, validation, or just pure design its very feasible to look around at what others are doing to help ease the pain in implementing these kinds of important decisions that every developer faces. Speaking from experience... this approach works, you can implement such things as Microsoft application blocks, Design Patterns such as MVP (Model-View-Presenter) to help with certain areas of each application build or re-build. My approach to building software or re-factoring software will always be to "Make It Right" and "Above Code" which can be translated to above standards. This will insure that the software will run and last a long time... the same will be true for my first home.

-Thanks Mike

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