Thursday, September 9, 2010

Introducing MATLAB -> ( F# & WPF ) Series

My latest purchase a few days ago was at Borders book store. I went in the store looking for a specific WPF charting book which covers visualizing mathematical formulas. No such luck. However, after turning my attention to the core computer science section, I found the following book on MATLAB (short for" matrix laboratory"). I was never really strong in math and this book seems to be a nice self guided introduction which works up to some advanced data analysis/visualizations. Since I'm constantly looking for core computer science type approaches from a functional perspective I figured this is a good choice. My plan is to obviously teach myself MATLAB but also translate the MATLAB functions over to F# and move the graphical stuff over to WPF. For the last 8 years I've been doing hardcore imperative programming using mainstream languages. More and more every day I wish I where doing functional programming using (F# of course) or something like ML,OCaml, or dare I say Haskell. My long term plan is to teach myself core functional programming so that I can get a job which safely transitions into the functional programming world. My dream job would be to write core functional programs while having the freedom to visualize them using a great presentation framework like WPF.  As the title says, I will be going through the chapters & exercises and presenting them here. I will take as much time as I can to produce good quality posts on this topic. You can expect the format to be something like the following: MATLAB source and screen shots( if any), followed by F# source, followed by WPF screen shots. Any way, I'm looking forward to learning MATLAB and sharing my discoveries here on my blog.

-Stay tuned and keep on dev'n

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